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Children's Dentistry in Keller & Watauga

kids dental exam keller txHere at Just for Grins, we understand that little smiles often need an extra-special touch. The dentist’s office can be an unsettling place for children in the beginning, which is why Dr. Kristen Angwin has worked hard to create a dental care experience that’s enjoyable, gentle, and always positive. From your son or daughter’s very first visit, we’ll take our time introducing them to the new environment, using pleasant, simple words to describe the work we do, and helping them feel completely at ease. We have a kid-friendly atmosphere, video games in our reception area, movies above the dental chairs and a great prize wall at the end of the visit.  Your family’s health and happiness is always important to us!

Children's Oral Health

Your child's first tooth erupts somewhere between the ages of 6 to 12 months, and the remainder of their 20 primary (or “baby”) teeth should make an appearance by the time they’re three. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children attend at least one dental visit by their first birthday so their newly erupted teeth can be inspected by a professional. Then, as baby teeth begin to fall out over the course of their childhood, permanent teeth will erupt around the age of six and continue until the age of 21. By the time your son or daughter’s smile is finished developing, they will have 28 beautiful, permanent teeth (32 with wisdom teeth).

We Want to Instill Oral Health Habits

kids dental exam keller tx Throughout the growth of your child's smile, attending regular check-ups at our Keller, TX practice will be an important part of maintaining their oral health. Our team will educate you during those early appointments about how to properly brush and care for little teeth at home, and once your son or daughter is old enough, we’ll teach them as well through friendly, patient instruction. At Just for Grins, we want to see children every six months for regular cleanings and checkups so we can treat both signs of decay or damage at the earliest possible stages and keep a close eye on any developmental concerns which may require further intervention.

Additional treatment options are also available for young patients who may need a little extra protection for their smile. Fluoride treatment can strengthen their enamel against the threat of cavities, and dental sealants will guard those tricky, hard-to-reach grooves in certain teeth from bacteria and potentially damaging food particles.

kids dental exam keller tx Not only do we want the parents to smile after seeing the dentist we care about the kids too! If your child is a little shy and needs a little friend to be by their side, Kanga the Kangaroo will gladly be of service!

Contact Just for Grins today if you have any questions, or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to meet your entire family and help you all start working toward the healthy, beautiful smiles you deserve with our personalized care. Located in Keller, TX, we welcome patients from all over the Fort Worth area and beyond.

Kids Having Fun at the Office